When to Deploy Your Oceansteer™

Oceansteer™ was designed to allow you to continue sailing in the event of rudder loss.  It will not replace your rudder exactly but give you a chance to save your yacht, so that you do not need to abandon it at sea.

If the weather was rough enough to break the rudder off, you should first make the yacht safe by heaving to facing the bow into the wind and waves by streaming lines and/or a drogue or sea anchor.

When the sea is calm enough for you to continue sailing, you should deploy your Oceansteer™.  Oceansteer™ has been designed to be simple to deploy and easy to store.  It can be assembled inside the yacht's saloon or in the cockpit for safety and deployed without leaving the cockpit.  There is no need to hang over the stern and there is no need to pre-fix any brackets to the yacht or make any holes.

Your Oceansteer™ will fit under a berth mattress or in a cockpit locker, as the blades' bag is flat.  The bracket bag is shorter than a boat hook or tender oar, so no problem storing it!