Emergency Steering System

OCEANSTEER™ is an emergency steering device that enables you to carry on sailing in the event of rudder loss or failure. OCEANSTEER™ tackles the issue of providing emergency steering for offshore racing or Commercial Small Craft Code of Practice. OCEANSTEER™ is a self-contained, one-size-fits-all device for yachts between 20' and 60'. No pre-fitting is required. No drilling holes, no permanent brackets, fixings or pintles. OCEANSTEER™ can be transferred between yachts and can be taken with you when you buy a new yacht.

All that is needed to safely steer the yacht home is in the bag. OCEANSTEER™ is easy to assemble and can be safely deployed from the cockpit. No need to leave the cockpit to attach anything to the vessel.

OCEANSTEER™ emergency steering device has been developed, refined and tested by experienced yachtsmen to provide a get-you-home rudder for yachts unlucky enough to suffer rudder loss or breakage.

OCEANSTEER™ allows a yacht to carry on sailing, rather than having to be abandoned or scuppered (in order to reduce risk to shipping). The yacht can still be tacked, gybed and a course will be held to any point of sailing and when motoring.

OCEANSTEER™ comes packed flat and is shorter than a standard tender oar or a boat hook so it will fit in any boat's cockpit locker or under the forecabin berth. All the parts needed are in the bag, including a spanner. OCEANSTEER™ is easy to test and practise on your own boat.

RORC requires yacht crews to practise methods of emergency steering before taking part in offshore races. Many yachts are lost or abandoned each year due to rudder failure; having an emergency steering device aboard your vessel is a positive attribute for your yacht insurance company, as it prevents yacht abandonment.

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Alternatively, please email at:

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To place an order for an Oceansteer™ emergency steering system, please contact Nick or Roger on the phone numbers or email addresses listed above. Oceansteer™ emergency steering system currently retails at £399.00 (excluding delivery).

To read the Practical Boat Owner's review of OCEANSTEER™, please follow the link http://www.pbo.co.uk/reviews/safety-devices/oceansteer